Compassion Boston Church Plan

NOTE: This church plan has not been updated for 2017. If your church is looking to join Compassion Boston, expect some minor changes from these requirements.

This Church Plan was developed by the Compassion Boston Leadership Team to give churches practical guidelines for participating in the Compassion Boston project. (You can download the brochure here.)

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Compassion Boston is a ministry of the Northeastern, Southern New England, and Atlantic Union Conferences of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, seeking to spread Christ’s love in our city through systematic community service in advance of the 2016 evangelistic meetings.

This ministry includes all Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Greater Boston area, as defined by those inside the Interstate 95 (I-95) loop. (For a full list of churches, click here.) Any Seventh-day Adventist church not within the Compassion Boston territory that would like to be part of this Church Plan may email, or click the “Add Our Church” button at the bottom of this page, to start the process.

Below are the expectations of Compassion Boston Churches:



Support, promote, and participate in the fall 2016 evangelistic meetings.

Compassion Boston is collaborating with It Is Written to host a city-wide evangelistic campaign in Boston, October 7–29, 2016.



Support, promote, and participate in large-scale Compassion Boston events, projects, and initiatives.

This includes things like rallies, other large events, or multi-church service projects.



Work with the It Is Written Bible Work Coordinator to assist giving Bible studies to interests near your church.

Jack Phillips will lead the area Bible work to strategically and systematically reach our city in preparation for the evangelistic meetings.



Appoint a Compassion Boston coordinator to represent the local church to the larger Compassion Boston organization.

The coordinator will help ensure that the congregation stays engaged with Compassion Boston initiatives; report local service/community-oriented events, projects, and initiatives to Compassion Boston; and ensure that Compassion Boston information is announced to the church.



Commit to at least three (3) projects, one from each of the following categories, to be carried out in the local church before the fall 2016 evangelistic meetings.

These are to be in addition to normal/existing ministries in your church.

1. Connection

Initiatives in this category should provide opportunity to build relationships with non-church members in the community. This could be something like a health expo or financial seminar.

2. Compassion

Initiatives in this category should help the known needy in the community, and should invite non-church member participation. This could be something like a clothing drive or food distribution.

3. Commission

Initiatives in this category should be evangelistic in focus and facilitate spreading the Adventist message in the community. This could be something like literature distribution or a training.


Please email with the name of your Compassion Boston Coordinator by March 1, and with the three projects you’ve selected by April 1. We encourage churches to discuss these expectations at the next meeting of the church board.

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