All Things Working Together

All Things Working Together: An Open Letter to the Compassion Boston Bible Workers

The following note was written by Tom Murray (Southern New England Conference Project Manager for Compassion Boston) to the Compassion Boston Bible Workers after their first team meeting. Reprinted here by permission.

Dear Bible Workers—

I truly believe your call was orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. Each of you is uniquely qualified to do a great work for Christ. Your skills, experience, and competencies are varied and complementary. I want to strongly encourage that you stay closely connected in this grand work. Pray often with each other, the challenge is enormous.

So many developments in Boston area ministry seem to point to a Spirit movement in our area:

  • The STRIDE Ministry and Boston Temple Collegiate Ministry are making valuable connections on globally recognized campuses. There are more than 250,000 young adults in Boston from all over the world, our potential impact on secular campuses is growing daily.
  • Recently the General Conference, North American Division, and Atlantic Union (AU) combined resources to establish the Northeast Evangelism Training School (NETS) headquartered in the campus of Atlantic Union College. NETS is real time, professionally guided, state-of-the-art, metro-focused evangelism. NETS is getting it done. God be praised.
  • Last summer, the Southern New England Conference launched a Literature Evangelism (LE) Program. The Bible study leads you are pursuing are the result of Spirit-led LE work in and around the city of Boston. 
  • One of our team is a student at the recently reestablished Theology Program at Atlantic Union College!
  • Northeastern Conference (NEC) has partnered with Southern New England Conference (SNEC) bringing the total number of participating churches to 44!
  • It Is Written (IIW) has expressed a strong interest in participating in Compassion Boston. An exciting partnership has been formed, you all will be very much involved. John Bradshaw, the Speaker / Director of It is Written and main speaker for our reaping event in October of 2016, will be our first Sabbath speaker at SNEC Campmeeting. Compassion Boston will be a major focus of Campmeeting 2016. As last year, SNEC members will combine with End Hunger International to assemble more than 10,000 meals for those in need in the Boston area.
  • SNEC, NEC and AU ministries and community services are turning their focus to the City of Boston for 2016.
  • Multi-Conference and Atlantic Union Impact events are planned for Boston in the spring and fall of 2016.

I am reminded of Mordecai’s words to Esther as she considered the astounding weight of responsibility she bore. “Could it be that you were brought to the kingdom for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14)

As Compassion Boston Bible Workers, you are the eyes, ears, hands, feet and heart of our Lord in the great City of Boston. There isn’t a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to reaching souls for Christ. You will need to be in constant, prayerful analysis of the various opportunities at hand. You have the coolest job! I pray that the Lord will open your eyes and guide you every day.

You have a much larger and more gracious work to do than to simply convince others to think as we do. You may be the first introduction of Christ to many. It may be in Bible study, it may be in a ball park or at the deli. Your method for reaching people will follow the pattern set forth by our Lord:

“Christ’s method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Savior mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, ‘Follow Me.’” —Ellen White, Ministry of Healing, p. 143

—Tom Murray

The Compassion Boston Bible Workers (left to right): Alina Terzi, Olivia Ruiz-Knott, Craig Kavanaugh, Richard Cabral, Theophilus Osei, and Ricardo Sanchez.

The Compassion Boston Bible Workers (left to right): Alina Terzi, Olivia Ruiz-Knott, Craig Kavanaugh, Richard Cabral, Theophilus Osei, and Ricardo Sanchez.

Right now, we have lots of people interested in studying the Bible and not enough workers to give the studies! If you’re willing to follow up with Bible study interests near you, click the button at right.