This story by Jack Phillips, the It Is Written Bible Work Program Director for Compassion Boston.

This week I went out to visit a few of the attendees from the Revelation Today meetings. I had a list of people that I wanted to make sure and see. I started with a person who had some questions and fears about what this means for her life and those who raised her. Then my Bible work partner Karen and I moved on to other visits.

We stopped in and saw a few others who were just so excited to see someone honor them by coming to their home. They expressed the great joy they have been getting from the meetings. Karen had met one gentleman, Daniel*, while attending the funeral of one of Crystal’s Bible studies. Daniel had recognized Karen as a Seventh-day Adventist—he “could just tell.” He said that his mother was an Adventist and had left him a Bible and a hymnal when she passed away. He was interested in studying the Bible with Karen. He is so excited about the messages he is hearing and desires to make this a major part of his life. 

Then we went to see a couple more people before heading to the church location for that night’s meeting. Jerry* was so excited that we came by. He talked about the message on death we had heard the night before. He told me that he had been going to the library and reading books about the spirit and life after death and trying to understand. He said that for the first time he understands and is no longer confused. He said he no longer needs to search in that garbage anymore. He was so happy to hear about sleep. It made him feel comfortable and gave him a peace he has been longing for.

I was so excited to hear this response; I don’t hear it that quick very often. Though, I felt the same way when I heard it the first time. It went against everything I had ever heard or experienced, but it was such a relief.

God is moving in the hearts of so many here in the Boston area. I look forward to seeing Daniel and Jerry being baptized—and even more than that—to seeing them in the Kingdom.

*Names changed.