From Baptism to Discipling

This story by Karen Matambo, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker

David is his name. Leading up to his baptism, it was clear that he is an exceptional student of the Bible. After we studied a topic, he would review our lesson and study deeper into the history behind it. One time after studying Daniel 2, he read the entire book of Daniel! Oh, and then he went to the library and found books on King Nebuchadnezzar and the sanctuary.

At the Revelation Today seminar, David made the decision to be baptized and he was introduced to the Conflict of the Ages series. Now, only a month after his baptism, he’s read The Great Controversy, The Desire of Ages, and is currently studying Patriarchs and Prophets along with his Bible. 

On Tuesday, Jack asked David to lead the small group next week. David was surprised, but Jack who had closely watched his progress knew he was ready. 

Thankfully, David said yes. “I’m just trusting the Holy Spirit will help me lead, Karen. Because I really need Him to.”

David is an inspiration to me. After watching his testimony, I know I have no right to say I’m too young in my walk, I’m too shy (he himself is a quiet man), or I’m not learned enough. 
If God can use David, a one month old Christian, He can use anyone.