I Wish...

This story by Karen Matambo, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

“Can you tell what her spiritual gift is?” I would ask a church member on their first visit with Maddy.*

“Hmm … hospitality.”

“See, Maddy? Every time we come to your home, you make sure we’re comfortable and offer us something to drink.” Maddy would just blush.

Well, on this particular visit, the regular lay-worker couldn’t make it, so Evelyne (who had spent most of the day with me) offered to come.

This wasn’t the only change. When we were about to pray, in rushed Maddy’s eight-year old son Lou,* with his little New Testament Bible.

“I want to study too!” he exhaled.

Oh, on this lesson? Lord, he’s too young! I thought. Lou had only joined us on one lesson in the past. Now, we were going to study “The Mark of the Beast.”

I thought to change the lesson to something tame. Oh, too late. Sister Evelyne already had her lesson book out and she’s ready. Okay Lord, would You please take over?

“Let’s pray.”

By God’s grace, the lesson flowed smoothly, but you won’t believe who was answering all the questions and even contributing profound comments. Yes, Lou himself. We were all amazed at how God gave this young boy such deep understanding of His truth. Better yet, at points when his mom may have hesitated to move, God used His young servant Lou to give her confidence in choosing the truth.

“What’s next week’s lesson? … Mom, can I join in again?”

All of us were beaming with joy and we left assured of God’s protection over His faithful ones.

The following week we studied about “The United States in Prophecy” and Lou was there ready with his Bible. This time he could find verses without any help and he recalled almost everything we studied the week before.

“What’s God’s seal for His people?” I asked.

“It’s … oh, I remember this. It starts with an S ...” Lou began.

“The Sabbath!” His mom—equally excited—jumped in with the answer.

What a joy to watch this family rattle their brains over Bible truths and rejoice at their findings.

To really help us understand the magnitude of what God was doing for Lou, Maddy explained that he was born weighing only one pound. The doctors said he would develop slowly physically and mentally, but she did not believe them. Now he was not only fully grown for his age, but understanding the deep truths of the Bible with ease! He is her miracle child from God.

When the lesson ended, we all stood around the small breakfast table, just as the three Hebrew boys stood, choosing to stand with Christ no matter the consequence.

“I wish Bible study was everyday,” Lou reflected as he fell back in his chair.


*Names changed.