I Didn’t Send That

This story written by Karen Matambo, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

One of our leads is a Jehovah’s Witness. When we showed her the Bible study card that she sent in, she said, “I didn’t send that in, but that's my address and phone number. I . . . guess someone sent it in for me.” We were equally surprised and didn‘t know what to say. Then she continued, “There must be a reason, so I’ll study with you.” We couldn't believe her response! Praising God, we quickly signed her up for studies and she told us excitedly, “I'm looking forward to your visit.” Was it a neighbor? Was it a family member? Or maybe even her guardian angel who filled out and sent the card in? We may never know this side of heaven, but we’re so glad she listened to the Holy Spirit and agreed to study with us.