Where to?

This story written by Karen Matambo, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

I recently started a new habit when traveling. Before flying into Boston, I prayed about whom God would have me sit next to and how I might be a blessing to them. Have you ever wondered what our subway and bus trips would be like of we started them by praying for the person God wants us to meet and bless during the ride? On my flight from Seattle to Boston, I sat next to a lady who was from Boston and going to visit her sick mother. She began to watch a movie in the flight, so we didn’t talk much in that time, then right before the plane was about to descend, I felt impressed to ask her a little more about her mother. As she spoke, I could tell that she was really hurting for her mother and possibly fearful of losing her. I offered to pray with her. While praying, I heard her cry. When I finished praying she thanked me for praying and I thanked God that we could sit next to each other. We both knew it was no coincidence.