I Saw Him Shake His Head

This story written by Crystal Phillips, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

I was about to visit one of my drop-off studies. I wasn’t really sure how he had been liking the studies, and wasn’t sure if he still wanted me to come by. I told my fellow Bible worker that I was going to try to feel him out this time and find out for sure. We prayed before we arrived at his door. I hit the buzzer, and as he headed towards the door to let us in, I saw him shake him head. Oh no! He wasn’t happy to see us, I thought. When opened the door, I asked him if he had any questions and if he was enjoying the studies. He said that he didn’t have questions, that they were so easy to understand—and then he said that he was so glad that we came by every week. Praise the Lord! We don’t always see results from our work, but if we are faithful, God will take care of the rest.