“Oh, looks like he’s not here.”

This story written by Karen Matambo, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

“Oh, looks like he’s not here,” I said to Crystal with disappointment as we backed away from Louis’* door. I made a note on his card and we walked to the other side of the hallway in the hopes of meeting two of his neighbors. Last week, when we visited Louis, we had sparked a conversation with his neighbor who had said he was a Christian, and that he kept his door open so his neighbors knew that he was available to talk. We hoped to see him again and continue to build a relationship with him. Lo and behold, we found Louis in the middle of a conversation with the same neighbor. I’m not sure who was more surprised, him or us. Nonetheless, Louis sprang to the door and said, “Oh, yes! The Bible study. Where can we have it?” Without skipping a beat, we walked over to the social lounge and conversed about how we all knew his neighbor before beginning the Bible study. God really does work in mysterious ways. The relationship we built with Louis’ neighbor last week proved to be a help in starting our study with Louis this week. We truly saw that God knows the end from the beginning and the relationships He has us invest in today can have a lasting effect on our tomorrow.

*Name changed.