My New Friends

This story written by Richard Cabral, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

There is a family that I’m studying with, and they fell off for a few weeks. I would call and schedule studies with them and they would always cancel the day of, so finally I stopped by their home to see if everything was okay. Come to find out, everything was fine; they said they had been attending a local Seventh-day Adventist church in Boston. They came to church with me the very next Sabbath. It was such an awesome day, we spent the entire Sabbath afternoon together. They cooked some Jamaican food for me and we spent the entire day just hanging out in their home. It was very nice. We rescheduled studies together and began studying again the following Sabbath. When I went to their house to do the study, they told me they are still attending church! During the study the teenage kids started saying how fun it actually was to study the Bible as a family. Those were some priceless words! They really enjoyed learning about the great controversy. They said they had never heard about how Satan was actually a beautiful angel once. Their minds were blown! It was so cool to watch. I love this family. They’re not just study contacts now, they’re my friends.