When Agnes Came Along

This story written by Crystal Phillips, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

This Sunday, something really touching happened. Karen’s housemate Agnes—a member at the Waymark Church—wanted to come on a study. We met at the gentleman’s house to do the study, but he was not home. We decided that we would follow up on some other leads and check back by later. Agnes went with Karen into a building where we had several lead cards and I waited in the car. “That was great!” Agnes said when they got back in the car.

We decided to try another house nearby. We had been unable to find anyone home the last few times we had tried this particular house. After we parked, Karen turned to Agnes and said, “This is all yours, Agnes.” Karen told Agnes what to say word for word. We prayed, and they went up to the house while I waited. I looked up after a minute and saw that someone had answered, and they were on the porch talking. It seemed like they were gone for a while, but I waited patiently, knowing that something good was happening.

When they got back in the car, Agnes said, “Crystal, you are not going to believe this!” She explained that when they went up to the door, a man had answered and the ladies told him what they were doing there. It turns out that the woman, Debra—who had mailed in the card—had died a few weeks ago. Her son was upstairs so the man went to get him. The son’s name was Glen, and he couldn’t believe his mom had mailed in a card requesting Bible studies. She had been battling a  disease for a few years and had died just four weeks earlier.

Agnes lost a sister in December, and she was able to empathize with Glen and give him words of comfort. She asked him if he would want to do the studies that his mom had requested. He emphatically agreed that yes, he wanted to, and they set up a time for the next Sunday.

God has His perfect timing. If Karen or I had been at the door, we wouldn’t have had the words to speak the way that Agnes did, as someone who had been in that situation so recently. God used the card that Debra mailed in to reach Glen. God has a plan, and He knows what He’s doing, even if we have no idea about the wheels He has in motion.