Chasing Rabbits

This story written by Richard Cabral, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

Today I went to study salvation with a woman I’ve been studying with, but I had no idea her daughter would be there. We sat down, introduced ourselves to each other, and began the study.

We didn’t make it past the first question before and we started chasing rabbits. Somehow, we began to talk about how the Lord saved me from a life of smoking crack. Immediately I could feel God’s Holy Spirit begin to convict my heart and mind. “Get off this study, do forgiveness.” I questioned it at first. But being a recovering addict, I knew how badly she needed to forgive herself and to know that God has forgiven her, too. So, we did the study on forgiveness. She was identifying with all the scriptures. She was writing them all down. She was asking the Lord to change her and make her new. It was incredible! In those moments, she was accepting God’s forgiveness. She started to connect the dots of God’s love for us. She was beginning to understand her self-worth and what she means to God.

We prayed at the end, and she accepted Jesus into her life as her Savior, and asked for God to transform her and take the crack addiction away from her. After the prayer she said she felt light as a feather, like she could feel God’s presence. I told her that when we accept God and ask him to come into our lives, He does just that. We can have confidence that when he forgives us of our sins that He doesn't remember them, and that the burden is taken away. Praise the Lord.