You Don’t Need to Come By Anymore

This story written by Richard Cabral, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

I’m doing drop off studies now. I stopped by the address of a lady named Ruth. Last time I stopped by she wasn’t home. When I first met this lady, she took the lead card with her so I forgot the address and would stop by when I happened to remember what the place looked like.

Well, today I was headed to another address and I thought, “This is where Ruth lives. Let me stop on over here and drop off study number 3.” She came to the door in good spirits and said thank you for coming by, but by the way you don’t need to come by anymore because I have a friend who’s coming over and bringing me studies.

I said, Oh.

And then Ruth further explained. She said she had a friend who’d seen the studies and had asked, “Where did you get these studies from? These are SDA studies!” So Ruth explained that I was coming over and bringing them to her. She told her friend she wasn’t sure if they were SDA studies, and her friend said “Oh yes they are—I know my stuff!

Ruth’s friend just so happened to be one of the lay workers going on Bible studies with me! (Mind blown!) The whole conversation changed from there. Come to find out, these two are actually friends friends. And have been for a while. God is incredible!