On the Way to the Minimart

This story written by Crystal Phillips, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

Today I was walking up to an apartment building for a study. As I got closer to the door, I noticed Fred—the man I was about to study with—walking toward me. I greeted him and he said that he was about to run across the street to get something from the minimart for his sister. He told me that she lives in the building as well. He said, “Hey, why don’t you run up there to her apartment and ask her if she wants to study the Bible with us!” He gave me her apartment number and said that he’d meet me up at her apartment.

I was nervous to go up to a stranger’s apartment and just ask to study with her, so I took my time. By the time I was about to knock on the door, Fred was heading up the hall toward me. I went in the door with him, and it was lucky he was with me because she mostly spoke Spanish. She seemed a little leery about studying so I told her that I would give her a study to look at and she could decide after looking it over. (I didn’t have any Spanish studies so I’ll have to take her one tomorrow.)

I was so thankful though that Fred is enjoying the studies so much that he’s recommending them to his family members, too. God is working in Fred’s life. When I first met him, he was reading at a 3rd grade level, and God has transformed his reading and his comprehension level. When we first started, he could barely understand what we read, and now he is quickly able to answer all the questions. Today at the end of our study, he said, “My reading is getting great!” and I had to agree wholeheartedly. Praise the Lord!