A Clear Sign

This story written by Crystal Phillips, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker

This week’s story is about Harry. We did our first study last week and—when scheduling this week’s study—he said he could only do early morning because he liked to leave his apartment and hang out on the city streets all day. I was kind of nervous that he might not be home when I arrived because his commitment/interest level seemed on the low side. I prayed fervently all morning on the day of the study that I would see a clear sign of his commitment level: was he interested in studying or wasn’t he? 

When I arrived for the study, he was waiting for me and even had his Bible ready.

We didn’t get far into the study because he is a talker, and I continually had to try to focus his attention back to the lesson. My partner had a study right afterwards, so I kept my eye on the clock and mentally debated whether to end the study where we were and finish it next week, or to wrap it up and make an appeal for him to make the decision to allow God to help him to be ready for the second coming of Christ.

Something inside me said Make the appeal! You may never get to study with him again! So I made the appeal and he said that he wanted to be ready for Jesus’ soon coming.

When I asked him “Same time next week?,” he said, “It can be anytime.” 

I said, “Well a little later works for me, how about 10? I know how you like to get out and about.”

He said, “This is more important.”

Praise the Lord! Here was my clear sign of his interest and, as a bonus, I got a later start time.