Let’s Pray

This story written by Karen Matambo, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

Crystal and I prayed that we would not be seen, but Jesus; and that God would remove all distractions that might hinder our study with Becky.* 

Last time we studied with Becky she was tired, she often got up in the middle of the study and we were concerned that this study would not go far. We needed God to do something big. We needed Him to guard our study time with Becky, to give us a better time to study with her, and we really needed Him to give us wisdom so we could present His word in a way that ministered to her needs. Most of all we prayed that God would reach her heart in a way that we couldn’t. After all, we’re just sinners in need of grace, but we serve a mighty God and He bids us go. We claim His promises for He is able to remove the obstacles before us. 

Sunday: We knocked on Becky's door unsure what she would say. She answered and said Sunday was not a good day for her. She wants to take that day to rest. During the week would work better for her. We said we have time on Wednesday, but that didn't work for her either because she has a Bible study at her church on Wednesday night. Hmmm, how about Tuesday? She said Tuesday afternoon worked perfectly for her. We said our goodbyes and left. There was just one problem: I didn’t have any free time slots on Tuesday afternoon. Why would you schedule that time? you might ask. Somehow, God had impressed me to agree at the door and He was going to do the rest. 

Monday: I received a phone call Monday afternoon from John*—who I normally study with on Tuesdays—saying that he had an appointment that might run late into our study time and that he would have to reschedule. Just like that, God had freed my schedule for the time Becky requested.

Tuesday: In the morning I had texted Becky and confirmed our study time. Now it was Tuesday afternoon, and we stood near Becky’s door praying with confidence in what God alone can do. Already, the Lord had answered most of our prayer requests: Becky still wanted to study and she even asked for a better time. God even opened up my schedule for our study time. We knew this Bible study wasn’t merely on my planner, but on the divine calendar of heaven. Now we were about to see God move mightily in Becky’s life as we studied. 

During the study: Becky was excited! She engaged in the questions and scenarios as we talked about the Signs of the Times. She gave examples; for the first time she opened up about her family; and to top it all off, she said Yes to every appeal, including surrendering her heart to Jesus and allowing Him to prepare her for His second coming! 

Only God could have done this, and He did.

Our God never ceases to amaze me. Brothers and sisters, let’s keep praying prayers of faith and watch God move mountains in Boston.

*Names changed.