An Altered Pathway

An Altered Pathway

The following text was posted by Southern New England Conference President David Dennis on May 11, 2016 on the Southern New England Conference President Facebook Page. You can see the original post here

For more than a year now the word coming out of the SNEC office has been that “Your Best Pathway for Health” is coming to Boston — specifically Sept 14-17, 2016. After seeing the video of their work in Oakland in 2014, and then bolstered by the news coming out of their San Antonio event in 2015 I could not have been more thrilled to know that this awesome group of missionary minded health care workers were coming to Boston to be part of the Compassion Boston evangelistic effort.

Tom Murray & I went to the Pathway event in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago. Our motive was to learn about and train for a Pathway event from the inside. Both of us were overwhelmed by the event. From the volunteers, to the administrators, and the clients who walked through the doors everything was a positive experience. “Awesome” does not go far enough to describe the overall affect to the Pathway ministry. My praise to God for the people who organized the event and the volunteers who ministered at the event seems inadequate.

Speaking for myself, I was more than a little concerned. I saw how great this event could be, and I think I understand that this took a lot of planning and thought. I was concerned to answer the question — how was the pre-work for the Boston Pathway event going to get done between the beginning of May and mid-September? The Pathway administrators had worked hard for the Los Angeles event. Understandably this meant they were not spending time thinking about and planning for Boston.

After some pointed questions from Tom and me the Pathway administrators have had some meetings. They have asked that we postpone the Boston Pathway event until 2017. This too raised questions because I knew the Pathway people were planning on going to New York City in 2017.

On Tuesday afternoon the administrators of the Atlantic Union, Southern New England, Northeastern, and Greater New York Conferences all sat together in the same room. We did so at the request of the Pathway administrators. The result of that meeting is the following:

We are requesting that Your Best Pathway for Health come to Boston in September 2017, and go to Greater New York in the late spring of 2018. The Northeastern conference will be a partner in both events.

As the Pathway team meets I ask for your prayers. They originally asked to come to Boston. I believed God was leading in this. I still believe God is leading. Let us be open to the will of God — whatever the decision of Pathway.

Thanks for your time.

David Dennis