This story written by Karen Matambo, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

Darla* and I met with Josie*, a Spanish-speaking Puerto Rican lady. It was our first study and she took so long to answer the door that I could almost anticipate what was coming next.

“I don’t think today is a good day,” she began her excuse for not studying with us. Yet, as she spoke her body language motioned us to come into the home, and soon her speech confirmed a reluctant, “You can come in if you like.” Given the opportunity we cautiously stepped in and sat down. Back-and-forth pacing about her living room floor, Josie explained to us that she already has a church she attends nearby. She paced to her bedroom and brought us a piece of paper with the church name and address as proof.

You see, just a week prior we had met with Josie for a few minutes, set up the study and left. During the week, Satan used the chance to heighten anxiety and apprehension in her heart so that she was prepared to meet us at the door with a “No.” We sat courteously, smiled, and softly answered.

“Josie, we’re not here to take you away from your church. We believe that where you decide to go to for church,” we continued as Josie slowed down her pace, “is a personal choice between you and God.”

With a sigh of relief she stopped a moment, paced once more into her bedroom and came back with her Bible and lesson study in hand. Praise God! We were just elated and grateful to see God redeem what could have been a lost Bible study.

We began the Bible study. Never had I experienced a bilingual study like this where she insisted I teach the study in English, she read her Bible in Spanish, answered our questions in Spanish and at times in English, to which we either responded in English or Spanish. Mind you, my Spanish is muy poquito, but seeing how smoothly the study went, I was sure the Holy Spirit blessed us all with the gift of tongues. At the end of the study, she said, “I really enjoyed this! When are we going to meet again?”

God is good. He healed Josie of her anxieties and opened the door for us to study the Bible with her.

*Names changed.