A Card Meant for Me

This story written by Crystal Phillips, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

Today, I went to follow up on a lead card in Mattapan, which is outside of our territory in Roxbury and pretty far out of the way. I had stopped by only once since receiving the card in March because of it’s distance, and because it’s not in the best area. Jack went with me today to follow up on the lead. I wasn’t sure if this person was a female or male based on the ambiguity of the name.

A lady answered the door and said to me, “I know you!” I was shocked—first, because it was a female and I’d been expecting a male, and second that she knew me. She did look vaguely familiar.

She explained that she had seen me at another lead’s house. She cleans for a lady that I deliver drop-off studies to. I just saw her last week when I visited Maxine and prayed with her. She was a little hesitant to sign up to study together, so I left her my phone number.

The interesting thing is that if I had gotten an unanswered door today, I was going to pass the card along to one of my team mates who has a car and can easily stop by to try to get someone home. But once I saw that I knew this lady, I knew that God meant this card specifically for me. He has a way of weaving people and circumstances together. I’m so thankful that he reminds me of this.