Turn Left

This story written by Crystal Phillips, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

I showed up for a study this morning with Larry, but when I knocked on the door no one answered, and Larry’s motorized chair wasn’t in it’s usual spot outside his door. Each week, Larry has me write my next appointment date on the lesson we’ll do next time, and I realized that I had written the 17th on the last lesson instead of the 18th. I figured he must’ve been expecting me yesterday instead of today and had gone out. I left a note on the door for him and left.

Whenever I leave the assisted living facility where Larry lives, I always turn to the right and go down the street. But today, I felt the urge to turn left for some reason. As I walked, I came upon Larry who was coming from the opposite direction.

“I’m sorry,” Larry said, “I had to run to the store for someone. I wasn’t trying to dodge ya.” 

We walked back to the facility and had a wonderful study together. I'm thankful that I listened to the urging to turn left so that I could have the study with Larry today. I know God really wanted it to happen.