This story written by Karen Matambo, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

Philippe and I were studying with Eric about the Sabbath.

Leading up to this study, Eric had been very receptive of the Bible messages, and now we were looking at some of the testing truths of the Bible. As we looked at the introduction of the Sabbath and read the fourth commandment, Eric often said, “Yes, we should be keeping the Sabbath, and that’s why I go to church on Sunday!”

As Philippe and I listened to him, we prayed even more for the Holy Spirit to prepare Eric’s heart, concerned that learning the true Sabbath day would come as a shock to Eric.

We continued the study, and as we read Luke 23 and 24, we came the question: “Eric, what day is the Sabbath?”

We watched Eric stare at the verses, a stern look of concern mixed with confusion appearing on his face. The entire room was dead silent.

“Sunday.” Eric blurted out.

“Um, Eric, let’s look at the verses again.” I walked him through the verses a second time and asked the question again.

“It's . . . Sunday.” Eric said confidently.

As much as Philippe and I wanted to say the day ourselves, we had to wait until Eric could see it for himself. We walked through the verses a third time, praying even more: “Lord, please help Eric see clearly what day the Sabbath is on.”

Eric's face expressed the very battle going on inside his mind. “Eric, what day is the Sabbath?”

Eric now breathed and said, “Saturday!” with amazement on his face.

“Yes, Eric. The Sabbath is on Saturday. Now, had you heard this before?”

“No,” Eric answered. He now explained that when we had first asked him, he saw a calendar in his mind showing Sunday as the first day, which meant that Saturday was the seventh day Sabbath. He tried to reconcile the two ideas in his mind, recognizing that the two just didn't match. Right then, Eric said, “So all these people who are going to church on Sunday are just following their own ideas and not following God.”

That day Eric made the decision to obey God rather than obey man and said he’d like to go the Seventh-Day Adventist church near his home on Saturday. God did it again! And this is only one of many examples of people choosing to follow Christ and His word here in Boston.