Never Home

This story written by Crystal Phillips, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

The mail-in card was originally given to Karen. She tried to find the woman—Shirley—at home about six times. After being unsuccessful, she gave the card to Richard, who also was unsuccessful at finding her home.

As his cards dwindled, Richard gave me a few cards that he’d been unable to track down. Shirley’s card was one of them.

Last Sunday, Karen and I were following up on leads and, since we were in the area, I decided to try Shirley. I was amazed and almost fell over in shock when she answered the buzzer. I told her who I was and, after asking if I was a Jehovah's Witness, she agreed to let me in.

Shirley said that she had just gotten home from church. She said that she thought maybe we'd forgotten about her (she mailed her card in in March). I told her that we'd tried to find her on multiple occasions, but she said that she's never home during the week and is gone most of the day on Sundays. I had caught her at the perfect time, and I guess I was the person destined to study with her. She was so excited that we'd come and was hugging us and prayed for us before we left.

I studied with Shirley this past Sunday and she was so excited, and she said she loves God because He has brought her through so much. She moved into her current apartment in November, but previously she'd been homeless for the past two years. She knows it was only through God that she's where she is today.  I look forward to continuing to study with her.