“What was I going to do?!”

This story written by Crystal Phillips, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

This week, I was following up on a couple of leads in the same building. I drop off Bible studies to one lady to do on her own, and I’d scheduled sit-down studies a couple times with another lady, but she wasn’t home either time that I’d shown up.

I tried Maxine, the drop off, first. When I called up to her apartment from the call box, she said that it wasn’t a good day, that she had a lot going on.

I tried Arlene next. Her son answered and said that she wasn’t home. This was a normal answer that I’d gotten the last couple times I’d stopped by. As I was talking to him on the intercom, the door to the building buzzed. I instinctively grabbed the handle and went inside.

As I headed toward the elevator, my mind was reeling. What was I going to do?! Maxine didn’t want me to come up and I didn’t want to show up against her wishes. Arlene wasn’t home. I decided to sit on the bench by the door and decide my next move. No more than two minutes after I sat down, I saw someone walking toward the building. She looked familiar. She came inside, and it was Arlene!

I told her hi and she hugged me and immediately she told me that she hadn’t been avoiding me. I reassured her and let her know that I know life can get crazy. She told me that she was going upstairs to grab her son and that she was about to take off again. I told her no problem, and left her with the second study from the set with my phone number written on the top. I told her that I’d be praying for her.

I know that God was directing me to sit on that bench. If I had gotten into that elevator, I would have missed her. Maybe this was God nudging her and telling her “I want you to get to know me more.” I’m not sure what the meeting meant to her, but I know that I was so thankful for it and I hope that she’ll call me soon. God was leading my steps and I want to keep allowing Him to do so.