A Stronger Hope

This story written by Destinie Candis, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

As Christian and I approached the address listed on the lead card, my pace slowed when I realized the contact lived in an apartment building. From experience, apartments are notoriously difficult for a Bible worker to get into. By the time we reached the door I had whispered a choppy prayer to the effect of, “Lord, please let Denise be home and receptive.”

I reached out and pulled the handle to the outside door, and to my relief it was unlocked. We went into the small receiving room and found the button that corresponded with the number on the card, and Christian gave it a long press. No answer.

Again he pressed the button—this time short and quick—and the voice of a child came through the speaker asking who it was. I said, “My name is Destinie and I'm from It is Written. I’m responding to a request sent in by Denise.” There was no response for a few seconds, but then with the electronic sound of a game show buzzer, the secondary door was opened to us.

As we made our way up the steps to the apartment, my heart began to leap with excitement because the experience was morphing into something better than what I thought it would be. When we turned the corner to her floor, the head of an older child, a teenage boy, was hanging out of the door in expectancy of our arrival. I told him again who I was, and he asked us to wait for his mother to come to the door. A few moments later, she emerged and I went through my introduction with her and placed the Daniel 2 study guide in her hand. When I told her about the impact it had on my life, and emphasized the amount of value it had to me, I saw her eyes widen a little and she was intrigued. We made an appointment for me to drop off the next lesson the following week. 

While I left Denise with a wonderful study, God left me with a stronger hope and trust in Him, that He is in control of our situations no matter what past experiences may have brought us.