What’s her name?

This story by Karen Matambo, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

“Is there anyone who can go on this study with me?” I asked my fellow Bible workers.

“Sure. I’m available at that time,” Richard answered. We met with Ben* and had a wonderful Bible study. At the end, Ben excitedly shared that he tells his sister about the Bible studies we have. His sister began studying with other groups long before we began studying and he thought she was jealous to see him learning so much so quickly. We all laughed and offered to study with her if she was interested.

Then I asked, “What's her name?” We were all still chuckling and I missed what he said, but Richard asked, “Wait, what's her last name?” Ben told him. Richard asked further, does she live at .... ? Now I was puzzled, and before I could ask how he knew this, Richard exclaimed with joy, “She's my Bible study!”

Wow, what are the odds! Clearly, God had done it again. He sent Richard, the right person at the right time to attend the study with me. Not only that, the Holy Spirit is working in Ben’s family. The siblings live on opposite sides of town, yet they each sent cards requesting Bible studies at the same time. (As for the mystery of why his sister hadn’t learned the truths that Ben was learning yet, she is currently a couple of studies behind him.)

Just imagine: at the end of the series with John Bradshaw—on what will be a memorable October day in Boston—these two siblings who didn’t know they were studying with the same group might be sitting side by side in long robes, awaiting baptism at the Reggie Lewis Center. What a glorious day that will be!

*Names have been changed.