Listening in the Small Things

This story by Destinie Candis, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

Today Karen and I went to follow up on a lead in an apartment in Roxbury. We rang the buzzer of the number listed on the card. The first time it seemed as if the door clicked, so Karen pulled, but to no avail. A second time she rang the buzzer, and for a while we stood there with static coming through the speaker. This time I pulled the door because, again, it sounded as if it clicked. And yet again, the door was stiff. At this point, the static had suddenly stopped, then something told me to pull the door again. This time it worked. Someone called down from the very top of the building, and we huffed our way up four flights of stairs as quickly as we could. The woman who greeted us chuckled and said she thought she was going to receive a booklet or something in the mail. By the end of the visit we had set an appointment for the next drop-off and given her a second study for her granddaughter, who was in the apartment with her. The Lord is teaching me to listen to Him even in small things.