Not Quite Time to Stop

This story by Crystal Phillips, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

I have one person that I study with, Larry, and lately he’s been a little flakey: not wanting to study or not being home when I get there for the study. I felt like the studies weren’t really progressing and that with my full schedule, I needed to end the studies and have a church member visit him; someone who knows him and is in his building weekly, who could deliver the studies to him to do on his own. This would allow me to focus on the people who really want to study. This was a matter that weighed heavily on me, so I was prayerful in the decision.

So, on June 1 when I arrived for the study, I was prepared to give him the news that this would be my last visit. When I arrived, he was downstairs waiting for me and wanted to study. I noticed that his demeanor was different: he was ready to study. Most of the time, he wanted to chit chat, but this time he was ready. We didn’t make it through the study—he had a lot of questions, some on topic, others not so much. I told him that we’d finish it the next week.

When I showed up again the next week, he was waiting for me and was ready to study with even less chit chat. It was amazing to see how much his focus has changed over the past few weeks. I guess God was telling me that it’s not quite time to discontinue the studies with Larry. Praise the Lord for his leading and making his will clear in this situation.