On the Same Street

This story by Crystal Phillips, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

I’ve been studying with Charmaine for the past five weeks. When I signed her up for bible studies, I consulted my list of church members who’ve volunteered to go on studies with the Bible workers. I noticed that one of the church members lived on the same street as Charmaine. This church member, Tabitha, had only signed up to go on bible studies on Friday evenings. Charmaine wanted to study on Sundays. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to call Tabitha and just ask her if she’d be willing to come since they are on the same street. Less travel involved, right? I contacted Tabitha and she was blown away that someone on her street had signed up and said that she was willing to come along.

The first week, I agreed to meet Tabitha at her house and we’d walk to the study. Not only was Charmaine on the same street, there was only one house in between their two residences! The three of us hit it off immediately, especially Tabitha and Charmaine. Charmaine is such a loving person who is not shy about sharing her faith in Jesus. It’s been a blessing studying with her. Each week, when we leave her house after studying together, I feel energized and revived. Charmaine told me this week how much she loves “these little books”—the Bible studies. Charmaine invited Tabitha and I to a tea at her church this weekend. We attended and had such a fun time. For me, this is about more than a Bible study; it’s a friendship that I hope will continue on through to Heaven.