Lessons of Patience and Persistence

This story written by Destinie Candis, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

This past week, I found a blessing in what was a bummer. On Thursday, I went to my group study with a Haitian family to find that my original point of contact was not feeling well, and other members of the family were out of the house. So, with a little sadness in our hearts, my lay worker/translator and I went to follow up on other leads. The first door we knocked on I have visited countless times, and this time we still did not find our contact at home. But while we were walking around in this little neighborhood, I discovered something about my lay worker, Jean: he knew literally everyone we passed and introduced me to them. Jean became an even more valuable asset to the team because in his line of work as a translator at a local hospital, he meets a lot of people. Because of him, a language barrier with the community has been broken.

Before we left the territory, I visited one more of my lead cards. Weeks ago, I found her and was able to give her lesson number one. During the short visit at the door, she was very excited about the studies and even went and got her work schedule to make sure she would be home when we came to give her lesson number two. However, when we went back she was not there. Over the course of about three weeks, I must have gone by 10 or 15 times to see if she was home, all to no avail. But this night—this night, during the time I was supposed to be giving a study—was different. I walked up to the door, rang her bell to the second floor as I usually did, and looked up at her window. Nothing happened. A second time I rang the bell and a few seconds of silence passed. Just as Jean and I were about to walk away, the second floor window sprang open. We greeted each other and I asked if she remembered me, she said yes and that she was coming down. Once we were face-to-face, she told me about how crazy her schedule has been, but that she is still very interested in the studies. She told me how she was raised in church, but fell away once she got older, and how she desires a better relationship with God. We ended the visit with her telling me she does not have to work this coming Monday or Thursday, so we were able to set up a sit-down Bible study for Thursday afternoon.

I love the lessons of patience and persistence God has taught me in this situation. Before Thursday I was contemplating whether or not I should keep trying to find her as often as I had. Should I focus my attention elsewhere?—or, should I give the card to another Bible worker? But God had a completely different plan, as He usually does.