The Buddhist, the ex-Buddhist, and the Visit — Part 1

This story written by Karen Matambo, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

A week and a half ago, I met Jao* on the bus. He’s a Thai college student come to learn English for a few months. It just so happens that I can speak some Thai and I greeted him in his language. He was amazed. I told him I used to teach English and he asked me to help him practice. We exchanged contact information, and before leaving I invited him to church so he could meet more people to practice speaking with. Jao later said he’d like to go even though he’s Buddhist. That Sabbath we attended Boston Temple. Christianity was so new to him that he didn’t understand much, but Jao loved every moment of his time there. He met many people and talked with them. He loves to sing, so his favorite experience was praise and worship time. 

At the end Jao asked me, “So, are we coming back next week?”

*Names have been changed.