Hyde Park Prayer Walk

A small but mighty band of pray-ers gathered at the Hyde Park Seventh-day Adventist Church on Sabbath, July 9, to walk through the surrounding community, giving out literature and offering to pray with or for anyone they met. This was the second of Compassion Boston’s monthly Prayer Walks, a new initiative started in preparation for the Revelation Today seminar coming to Boston in October. Our next Prayer Walk will be hosted by the Boston Spanish Church in Dorchester on August 13.

Below are some pictures and stories from the day.

Those gathered at the church split up into smaller groups, each taking different streets in Hyde Park. The Prayer Walk-ers took down the prayer requests of anyone who was willing to share their needs, and often prayed with the people right there. Many were able to point people to the physical church building and invite them to attend some Sabbath.

After walking, we gathered back at the church to share stories.

One woman had been surprised to meet a man who claimed he was God. After a little back and forth, he was open to her praying with him, and she invited him to the upcoming Revelation Today seminar. He said he wouldn’t be able to make it because of work, but said that sometime he’d like to come to church.

One of the elders of the Hyde Park Church came on the walk, too. “I’ll speak,” he said, ”because sometimes we go and we tell a story because we meet people who are receptive. I didn’t meet anybody who was receptive.” Still, this elder said it was important for him—a blessing, even—“because I realize that I have a greater work to do in this part of the community.”

Compassion Boston Bible Workers Jack Phillips and Richard Cabral had a funny story to share. 

Richard reported: “I thought this was kind of cool. So Jack went up and started talking to these guys that were in a silver Jeep, and my back was turned. We were probably about 30 feet between us. So he’s kneeling down at the window talking to the guy, and he’s giving him the tract in there, and the guy in the Jeep looked over and said, ‘Are you with Richard?’ And Jack was like, ‘Yes I am.’ He goes, ‘Well I study with Richard every week!’

“So Jack happened to run into one of my brand new group Bible studies—these are brand new, two weeks in the making. And what a blessing that that can be that my group Bible study who’s brand new can see that we’re actually out in the mission field doing the work. That could be a huge impact in his life.”

Jack had another story: “Right before we were about to head back, off of our way a little bit there was a guy sitting on a bench by himself, and I thought, ‘Well, it’s time to go back.’ But inside there was something that said, “Go over and say hello to this guy.” So I walked over, said hello, gave him a tract, and Richard comes up behind me, like, perfect timing, pulls out a Spanish tract as well, and we start talking with the guy. I open up that we’re offering to pray with people, and he’s very open about that, and we sat down next to him. He let us know that he was struggling with certain things going on in his life, we sat there, we prayed with him, and then before we got up I felt really impressed that maybe we should offer something more for him. So I let him know that one of the things Richard and I have found that benefits people’s lives is spending time studying the Bible together. And he was very open to that, gave us his information, we exchanged numbers right there and are looking forward to setting up a time to study with him.”

Many others shared testimonies from the day’s experience. One in particular sums them up nicely. One group went praying with people door-to-door and found someone who said, “You know, this was something that was really needed. It was just a real encouragement for us because our family’s going through some struggles right now, and it was really good that you stopped by.” The group offered to continue to pray for them and wrote down the names of the family members to keep in mind.

The Prayer Walk-er said, “That was a great experience in that it encouraged us to push on, and reminded us that we are never aware when there is someone in need of encouragement and in need of prayer.”

The day concluded with fellowship and refreshments provided by the Hyde Park Church.

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