Prayers Being Answered

This story written by Crystal Phillips, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

My story this week is exciting! I started studying with Sharon a couple weeks ago. She had never really read the Bible before. She didn’t even have one when we started studying. The first study that we did I brought her a Bible, showed her how to use the index to find the books, and showed her how to look up the chapters and verses. She recently moved into a new building and money has been tight for her. We’ve been praying that God will provide while she’s transitioning.

Last week, she told me that after we prayed for her money situation, she went to her mailbox and her last building had sent her security deposit back! She was so excited to see God working and her prayers being answered. She also told me that she’d like to get baptized and find a church to attend. Praise the Lord for the way he’s working in Sharon's life!