What Happens in Four Weeks

This story written by Destinie Candis, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

This week, I was able to reconnect with a contact I had not been able to find for four weeks. It was the end of the day, and my lay worker and I decided to make one more stop. By the time we reached her door, the sun had already faded under the horizon. I half-heartedly rang the doorbell to the second floor, and at this point, the lay-worker stood right in front of the window where Mirelle’s stairs were located.

“What are doing?” I asked, to which she replied, “I know she’s in there, so I’m just going to stand here to make sure she sees us.”

To me, this was a level of boldness I sometimes have to remind myself to show. We stood on the porch for about a minute and nothing happened, so I pressed the bell again. We waited a few more seconds until, finally, Mirelle’s face greeted us through the window. 

She walked to the door and I asked if she remembered me; she did. Then, she proceeded to tell me about what had been happening in her family. Her husband had been in the hospital twice with a virus that affected his memory, her mother had been sick, and her father was flown from Haiti to Florida to have brain surgery. After she told us all she had been going through, my natural response was to offer prayer. Just as we were about to begin praying at the door, she said we should come up and see her husband, mother, and sister. While we talked with her family, she continued cleaning the house, and when she finished we sang songs and prayed together in a circle. When we finished, her husband had a wide grin on his face. Pointing it out, Mirelle said, “He likes you all.”

She and her family were very grateful for the visit. To me, this is what Bible work is. We may not always get the study, but if we’re able to win people’s hearts with simple tasks like having conversations and prayer, this is Christ's method.