A Growing Group

This story written by Destinie Candis, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

This past week, I was fortunate to give lesson six in the study series to a Haitian family I study with.

Over the past few weeks, our small little group has grown. I received the original response card from the literature evangelists in the area, which only listed one person’s name. After our initial visit to Kerline, we were delighted to find that she was willing to sit down with us the very next week. Another Bible worker and I went to the appointment and were greeted by Kerline, her son Kevin, her mother, and her sister-in-law Esther, who were all waiting on the porch with chairs set out for us.

As we began chatting, we discovered that Kerline is not proficient in English. So for study number one, we heavily relied on her son to translate for us, and prayed for the gift of tongues. For the next lesson, I made sure to invite Creole speaking lay workers, and since then, things have progressed smoothly.

A few weeks ago, Kerline went to Haiti to attend a funeral, and the rest of the family stayed and decided to continue studies. When Kerline returned, we would catch her up separately. During the time of her absence, both Kerline’s and Esther’s daughters began to sit in on the studies with us and participate.

As I mentioned, this past week we studied lesson six, which is covers the Law. During the lesson, everyone was engaged, and a friend of the family even stopped by and listened to the lesson in its entirety. I can proudly say this was the best lesson so far in terms of reception, understanding, and delivery. At the end, everyone made a decision to surrender to Jesus and keep His commandments! Please keep the family in prayer, as we soon approach the lesson on the Sabbath.