On the origin of evil

This story written by Destinie Candis, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

This week I had the great privilege of studying with Armando, a man who had been waiting for weeks to receive the lessons. This is our third study, and he is on fire. The past couple of times we’ve gone, he hasn’t filled out the lessons, but his memory is sharp and we quiz him on what we’ve previously studied. This week we studied the origin of evil and his eyes and facial expressions were filled with awe as we unfolded truths, as he realized God did not create a devil, and that even in allowing Satan to continue living on Earth, He was showing His love.

Those are the best moments for me—when someone “gets it.” When the love of God is understood, in spite of the presence of evil. He understood that God gives us all a choice, and it’s awesome for me to hear him make choices for Jesus during and at the end of every lesson.