Dorchester & Roxbury Prayer Walks

This post contains pictures from both the Dorchester and Roxbury Prayer walks. Scroll down for Roxbury content.


The Boston Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted Compassion Boston’s third Prayer Walk on August 13 in the Dorchester neighborhood. Local Coordinator Monica Angulo reported two testimonies from the members who went out. One group ran into a young man who was outside his home drinking. When the members approached him, he was very glad and welcomed them, and also brought them into his house to pray with his mom. He told them that he had been brought to church at an early age but had since left. The group prayed with them, and the man mentioned that he’d like to come back to church. Monica met another woman that day who lives right across the street from the church. Now, they are helping her with the food pantry and she has been visiting the church ever since, even attending a recent prayer event!

Below are some pictures from the Prayer Walk in Dorchester; click for larger view. (Scroll past these pictures for the Roxbury Prayer Walk.)


Roxbury Prayer Walk

On September 10, the Berea Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted the next Prayer Walk in Roxbury. This was the first prayer walk in which—along with praying for the neighborhood—prayer-walkers were able to advertise the upcoming Revelation Today seminar.

Belwo are some pictures from the Roxbury Prayer Walk.