He Won’t Need His Scooter Anymore

This story by Crystal Phillips, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

These past couple weeks have been difficult for me. The week before last, I found out that my study contact Larry (I’ve mentioned him in a couple stories in the past) died. I had actually stopped studying with him two weeks prior to hearing the news. While he was a wonderful man and enjoyed our visits, he was not as interested in studying the Bible, so with a heavy heart, I had to end our studies together. I felt a little guilty about it, but I knew that I had to be the best steward of my time. I can say that Larry wanted to follow the Lord and keep listening to him so that he could stay ‘on the ride side of the tracks.’ I had been eagerly looking forward to attending his memorial service last week; however, I was horribly sick and couldn’t make it. Karen was able to go and said that several of his family members expressed happiness and gratefulness that he had been studying his Bible and drawing closer to the Lord. I hope that some day I will get to bump into Larry in heaven. It’ll be nice to see that he won’t need his scooter anymore.