Boston Temple Block Party

Each year, the Boston Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church Hosts Fenway's National Night Out.

“It’s a fantastic time for the neighborhood to be out,” said Boston Temple pastor Orlando Hall. “It’s a great way to meet the neighborhood. As much as we don't get all the neighbors out we certainly do get a nice cross section of neighbors. For me personally it's a great time just to meet people. Network, get their numbers, give them mine, and introduce them to the Boston temple.”

“It’s organized by Operation Peace, Fenway Family Coalition, Wingate Management,” said Tenesha Patrick, who coordinated the Boston Temple side of things. “We provide the space. For years we provided the parking lot, and this is the first year that it’s extended to a block party. We shut down the block between Jersey Street and Kilmarnock Street. We’ve taken it over.”

“When I came, Boston Temple would just provide the space,” said Pastor Hall. “Now we are providing the space and we are interacting with the community. The past three years we have been giving out books and things like that. Not just the literature, not just tracts; we also have been giving out stationary and other school supplies.”

“Sister Amoah with the children’s ministry [from the Southern New England Conference] came and put together 200 bags of school supplies,” Tenesha said. “They’re all gone.”

 “I’m hoping that next year we can expand a little bit,” said Pastor Hall, to “move into the realm of vegetarian cooking or vegetarian options, healthy living. We certainly want to do something like that, that gives a breadth to Adventism . . . We're saying that we care about your health, we care about your life.”