An Old Friend

This story written by Craig Kavanaugh, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

Preparations were especially hectic in the final week prior to the start of the Revelation Today seminar: handing out flyers, canvassing, conducting surveys, making visits, reaching out by phone and email, and especially much prayer. As I reviewed my contacts lists, so many names kept pricking at my heart, including Jane.*

I had met Jane more than 4 years ago as part of my ministry to the homeless population here in the city of Boston. In particular, we minister at the Woods-Mullen Shelter on Mass. Ave. near Boston Medical Center. A small group of dedicated volunteers from various Seventh-day Adventist churches in the area have united to serve over 200 meals every Monday evening, cleaning up the kitchen and dining area afterwards, and then offering a Bible study to any who wish to join us. Many precious souls have been reached for Christ through these humble efforts.

One shelter resident who regularly attended our earliest studies was Jane, a dear sister in Christ who always had a pleasant smile and good word to share. Jane loves to study God’s word, and her presence helped give encouragement to both other residents and volunteers alike.

After perhaps a year or so—praise God—Jane was able to obtain subsidized housing assistance and found an apartment in the South End, just several blocks from the shelter. We stayed in touch with Jane, and she invited us to come to her new home and continue to share Bible lessons. These studies were always well-received and a delight to undertake.

Later though, Jane’s schedule changed, as did mine, and we had to put the studies on hold for a time. Then, Jane’s phone number changed, leading to a loss of contact. Yet I kept Jane in prayer, knowing that the Lord was leading in her life.

Then, as the Revelation Today series approached, I began praying for her more earnestly, hoping that she might be contacted somehow to invite her to attend. Without a number though, re-establishing contact proved challenging. I wondered if she still lived at the same location, and thought to visit sometime last week to try to reconnect. However, as my week’s activities were especially strained for time, it turned out that I did not connect with her. Yet I continued to pray for Jane daily.

Then, the Lord revealed His mighty hand. On opening night, Friday, October 7, at the Boston Temple, the very first visitor to walk through the door was Jane. My face lit up and my heart leaped for joy with praise for God on my lips. After a warm embrace and a brief conversation to catch up, I asked Jane how she came to attend the series. She told me that she had found the It Is Written ministry online, and had submitted her contact information there. Brother Richard had been sent out to connect with her and restarted Bible studies again with her in the past year. Later, Brother Tom and his wife took over studies with Jane.

Equally amazing, a few weeks prior to the start of the series, Sister Karen had asked me to accompany her on a medical missionary visit to meet one of her study contacts, Sam,* who was struggling with certain health challenges and needed some counsel on natural health remedies. The meeting went well, and Sam purposed in his heart to make changes in his diet and lifestyle as he seeks to cooperate with God in gaining true healing. I rejoiced to uplift God's special health message for these last days. As it turns out, Sam is Jane's biological brother.

I truly marvel and stand in awe to witness how God is leading this family into all Truth through His Holy Spirit. Our God is indeed too wonderful for me! (Psalm 139:6)

*Name changed.