The Unexpected

This story by Jeffrey Walker, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

It’s often said in Bible Work that those you expect to follow-through and attend a seminar won’t, and those you don’t expect much from will be the ones who are the strongest attendees. One gentleman that I didn’t initially expect much from has proven to be a real champion of attendance. He has attended most of the nights and has assured me that he intends to make it to all the remaining meetings. As I’ve provided transportation for John,* we’ve gotten to know a bit about each other’s lives and have enjoyed some good conversations. I’m hopeful that as John—who is already a Christian—continues to enjoy the series he will lean on the Everlasting Arms to determine what God’s will is for him.

*Name changed.

One Never Knows

This story written by Jeffrey Walker, a Compassion Boston Bible Worker.

I’ve often heard that the people you think are least likely to agree to a Bible study and to attend a series will do so, while those you’ve invested lots of hopes in will not. This week I experienced that in one sense. In an apartment community where I’ve been doing survey-work for several weeks now, I managed to get a Bible study on Wednesday from a woman who I thought initially was the most unlikely of prospects. When I first met Sharon at the door she complained that I had woken her up. But she also agreed to complete the brief survey. 

The week after that I didn’t get any answer. The third week she was home but told me she was “busy right now.” But on the fourth week I reached her again and dropped off the second Bible study. There was still hope. But the clincher came this week. I found Sharon at home. Her cat was in the window so we talked about “Zoe” initially and then I asked her about the studies. She said she didn’t really understand the studies nor how to look up the answers. That was my cue! I asked her if she’d be interested if I brought a friend over and we all sat down next week to study the Bible. Sharon agreed!

This just really made my day as I realized that outward appearances are so misleading, and that one never knows who will accept a Bible study. It just confirms that this work is not ours but the Holy Spirit’s.